2010 Beer Bloggers Conference – Pt. 1

Friday highlights included –

  1. Lunch at Avery Brewing Company – A group of beer bloggers headed here for excellent beer and a tour of the barrel room.

    Avery Brewing Co. Barrel Room
  2. Networking – I met many amazing people at the conference.  I sat at the table with the 2 Beer Guys from the Boston area.  Sean Jansen, Ian Cowpar and Ryan Jansen were very friendly and taught me much about evaluating beer.  I also met the Beer Wench (Ashley Routson) who blogs, Twitters & writes for several beer publications.

    sodakbeer with the Beer Wench
  3. Friday night we visited Oskar Blues in Longmont, CO for dinner and a tour of the brewery.
    Dale's Pale Ale

    The night ended with a bottle sharing party.  Everyone brought the best beers from their home area and the results were amazing!  Tatiana of FugglyBrew created this video.  The Night of Many Bottles

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